RCT 2 Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

   Used with Custom Scenery, RCT2 and all Expansion packs 


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IMPORTANT PLEASE READ- While California Adventure and WDW Magic Kingdom load all of there files automatically, Disneyland always tends to not load an AE-Alice... file. So in the pakage you download, I included that file and some others that don't always load properly the first time. So when you try to open Disneyland, it'll say your missing a file, just find the correct file in the group i included, and add it to your RCT2 Obj Data folder. This should do the trick. Please e-mail me if any problems or even if you just want to comment on the parks, I'm trying to get an idea of hom many downloads they get. Thanks and enjoy!

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The Train Station and Main Street

Train Station

Cinderella's Castle and Hub

Cinderella's Castle



Haunted Mansion