RCT2 Kings Island

Watch my Progress on my newest RCT2 Recreation

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I'm currently recreating Kings Island using Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, both expansions, and some custom scenery. This is my step by step process on how it's going down. I haven't updated the new names yet, I will when I finish the park.

The EntranceĀ 

The Entrance

The Entance

The Fountains

Kings Island Theater (Formally Paramount theater)

First Overview, Now with Eiffel Tower and Nickelodeon Universe

International Street

Nickelodeon Universe

Festhaus Restaurant and Viking Ship

Nickelodeon Universe (Spongebob Play area)

Nickelodeon Universe

Eiffel Tower

Action Zone



Drop Zone

Top Gun

Son of Beast

Son of Beast

Wild Thornberries River Adventure

Check back for more Updates!