Christening = Dedication to God Only...

Baptism = Dedication to a denomination to Serve God...

Do You Baptize Infants?

NO, instead we perform a Christening (Parent / Baby Dedication) Service. In this service the parents pledge to raise the child in a Christian environment, the child is dedicated to God and prayed for, and the church pledges its support to the child,and the parents.

When the child is old enough to make its own decision, he or she may decide to accept Jesus as Savior and be baptized, and dedicated to serve God and the Denomination they have chosen.

For us it is important that becoming a Christian is a decision each person makes and is old enough to remember.”


  • Funeral Home or Graveside Service...
  • Combo: 10:00 am @ Funeral Home followed by Graveside Service...
  • Memorial Service...



Elopement = getting married within the next 72 hours...

Standard = Small Gathering (No choices in service)

Deluxe = Small - Medium Gathering (2 choices)

Full Church = Christian Ceremony (Minimal choices)

Custom = Designed with assistance of Couple...


  • Civil (No God)
  • Christian
  • Interfaith
  • Rehearsal
  • Your Location of Choice !!!