No Booking Fee & Available by Appointment Only !!! 
Elopement means last minute - within 72 hours of Marriage License issuance...
Monday through Thursday Only $75.00...

Active Military is Only $50.00 (Thank You for Your Service)

Ohio Clergy Services
P.O. Box 1713
Elyria, OH 44036-1713
(844) 644-6253 

Ely Square Gazebo Elyria, OH 44035             Map Rev Richard Kresila 701  07:00 PM
Lakeview Park FountainLorain, OH 44052            MapRev Stephen Crandall703 Appointment
Cobblestone Court GazeboPainesville, OH 44077     MapRev Dennis Kresila702 Appointment

Please take a photo of this page on your Cell Phone and proceed to the Marriage License Bureau....
Upon receipt of Marriage License, contact the Minister above at their Ext #, 
which will Direct-Connect with them.... to make  your appointment...