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CSA & Online Store Terms

This page reserved for if/when we offer a CSA again.

Thank you for subscribing to Ohia Fields Farm’s CSA!  We are happy to provide you with a box of fresh vegetables, recipes and goodies every Friday during your subscription.

Farming is a seasonal and unpredictable undertaking, and the exact selections and quantities included in the weekly distribution will change as the season progresses.  You, the subscriber, agree to share in the fluctuations and variations inherent in farming and understand that your produce will be grown with sound, sustainable and organic farming practices.

You agree to pay the amount(s) shown on your invoice or upon online checkout whether or not you pick up your bag every week.  Payment is due the week before your deliveries are scheduled to begin.  Please give us 24 hours notice via e-mail or phone call if you are unable to pick up your bag at your designated location and time and we can arrange to hold it for you for pickup at our farm at a later date -- in which case you understand that we cannot guarantee the freshness of the harvest -- or we can donate it to the Hamakua Youth Center.

If you have home delivery service you do not need to be there to receive delivery.  If you will be away for an extended period of time please let us know through your online account and we will be happy to deliver your bag to an alternate address or donate it to the Hamakua Youth Center.

In emergency situations we offer refunds for cancelled subscriptions.  Otherwise, since we depend on 4-week and 12-week commitments for planning and budgeting, we are unable to give refunds for cancelled subscriptions.  We give 5% discounts on 12-week subscriptions.

You will receive two bags, one bag with the first delivery and one with the next delivery.  Please leave the empty bag where we can find it if you will not be there to receive the produce in person.  If you choose to stop your subscription we will make your last delivery with a plastic bag and pick up the other bag or you can choose to keep the Ohia Fields Farm bag(s) at the cost of $10 each.

We accept cash and check.  If you have received instructions to mail in payment please do so at your earliest convenience or you may leave payment in an envelope for our delivery person to pick up.

You are signing up for uninterrupted deliveries.  This means you will continue to receive veggies and other farm-fresh items every Friday - and charged for it - unless you cancel your subscription via phone (430-3847) or e-mail ( by noon on Wednesdays.  We will charge you at the rate (4 or 12 weeks) you originally chose unless you tell us otherwise and will invoice you a week and a half before your account is set to accrue additional charges.  This serves as your reminder to let us know if you wish to discontinue service or change/update your subscription.

Thank you for supporting our family’s dedication to providing fresh, local and sustainable produce to our community!