Martha Jane Jameson (1849-1925)

Spouse #1
Charles William Conway (1843-abt1882)
Elizabeth Conway (1868-1869)
William Zacheria Conway (1869-1934)¤
married [18??] Osine Conway (1873-1954)¤
Sarah Conway (1871-1871)
Joann Barton Conway (1875-1924)
married [1892] William Jackson Cantrell (1870-1927)
Lorie (Laura?) Conway (1879-1881)
Matison Corneilous Conway (1877-1934)

Spouse #2
James M Hopper ( - )
Johnny Hopper (1883- )
Maria Hopper (1887- )

William Zacharia Jameson (1818- )
Paternal grandparents
grandfather ( - )
grandmother ( - )

Temprence 'Tempy' Adeline Garrett (1840- )
Maternal grandparents
grandfather ( - )
grandmother ( - )

Sairy Jameson (1841- )
James Harvey Jameson (1842- )
William Zachariah Jameson (1842- )
•  •  •  •  •
Johanna Jameson (1855 - )
Cauvan Jameson (1857- )
Mary A Jameson (1862- )
Dicie Jameson (1869- )

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Jameson has been spelt as Jamison, Jimmerson, & Jimison.

day month, 1849
Baldwin, Union County, Georgia, USA

Marriage: 18 April, 1869   [20]
to Charles Whitaker Conway   [26]
Popular Bluff, Butler County, Missouri, USA

1880 Census: Dallas, Collin Co, Texas, USA  (29)
birthplace recorded as Georgia, USA
listed with

Charles Conway  (37)
Will Z.  (10)
Charles  (7)
Joe A.  (5)
Laura  (1)

Marriage: 1883   [36]
to James M Hopper
Dallas, Texas, USA

1910 Census: Alameda, Alameda Co, California, USA  (age)
with Maria Hopper Livingston

Death: 1925  [76]
Alameda, California, USA

From Regina Conway on
Martha Jane Jameson, is the daughter of William Zacheriah Jameson who married Temprence Adeline Garrett. Martha Jane Jameson was born in 1849, Baldwin, Union County, Georgia. William Zacheriah was born 1815 in North Carolina. He mainly went by the name of Zacheriah, and Temprence went by the name of Tempy. His children are Sairy born 1841, James born 1842, William born 1842 Georgia, Johanna born 1855, Arkansas, Cauvan born 1857, Arkansas, Mary A. born 1862 in Arkansas, Dicie born 1869, Missouri.
    Martha Jane Jameson married Charles W. Conway in 1867[1869], Popular Bluff, Butler County, Missouri. Their son William Zacheria Conway born 1870, in Popular Bluff, Butler County, Missouri. 1872 they moved to Arkansas second son born Charles Whitaker Conway, the family moved to Dallas, Texas by 1873 a daughter Joann was born 1874,in Dallas, Texas, Lorie born 1877, in Dallas, Texas, a son Matison Corneilous Conway born 1881, Dallas, Texas.
    Martha Jane Jameson Conway married a James M. Hopper in Dallas, Texas in 1883, a daughter Maria Hopper born 1887, Dallas, Texas, a son Johnny Hopper born 1883, Dallas, Texas. Martha Jane Conway left with her family William Z. and his wife Amanda Cooley Conway, Charles Whitaker, Maria Hopper, Johnny Hopper, and Joann Barton Conway and her husband William Jackson Cantrell, to Alamada, California.
    Martha Jane Jameson is listed in the 1910 census for Alameda, California, with her daughter Maria Hopper Livingston. Martha Jane Jameson Conway never went by her married name Hopper. Martha died in 1925, in Alameda California.