Martha Lafield Conway (1907-1971)

Spouse #1
John Joseph Sullivan (1894-1952)
Mary Ellen Sullivan (1924-1978)
Martha Agnes Sullivan (1925-2011)
Patricia Ann Sullivan (1929-2002)

Spouse #2
Lee A Roed (1888- )

Spouse #3
George Freauff (1915-1974)

Spouse #4
John McGlynn (1912-1974)

Spouse #5

James Quincy Buffington (1903-1962)


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Find a Grave¤ 1940 Census¤

1907: 10 February
Birth of Martha Lafield Conway
Denver, Denver Co., CO, USA

1924: 21 January, Fresno, California (19)*  [16]
Marriage to John Joseph Sullivan (29)* [30]
* the couple falsely stated their ages on their wedding license

1930 Census: Fresno, Fresno Co, California, USA (22)
residing at 163 North Angus Avenue¤ (now the Yosemite Freeway CA-41)
listed as born in Colorado
father from Colorado, mother from Texas
with family
John J Sullivan (36) head, printer-newspaper
Mary Ellen Sullivan (5) daughter
Martha Agnes Sullivan (4) daughter
Patricia Ann Sullivan (6mo) daughter

1936: 17 March, Reno, NV   [29]
Marriage (2nd) to Lee Anderson Roed of Fresno, CA  [48]

1937: 16 November, The Fresno Bee, Fresno, CA
Lee Anderson Roed, a native of Norway, was denied citizenship for his failure to disclose a conviction in San Francisco in 1915 of manslaughter.

1938?: Gets Jail Term (newspaper clipping in Martha's files)
John J. Sullivan, 41, of Fresno, late yesterday was sentenced to serve thirty days in the Fresno County Jail for violating terms of probation granted on a failure to provide charge. He was arrested by Detective Sergeant R. H. Wise on a bench warrant issued by Police Judge M. K. Gibbs. Under a court order made last June, Sullivan was directed to pay $12.50 weekly toward the support of three minor children.

1940 Census:  Fresno, Fresno California   (33)
listed as Martha Roed, head of household
residing at 1475A Belmont Avenue¤** (renter)
employed as a switchboard operator, born in CO,
living with three daughters:
Mary Ellen Sullivan   (15) domestic, born in CA
Martha A Sullivan   (14) born in CA
Patricia A Sullivan   (10) born in CA
Lee A Roed listed as a head of household at
residing at 340 N Glenn Avenue¤**(owner)
employed as an auto mechanic, born in Norway,
living with his son:
Milton I Roed   (21) delivery man (paint), born in CA
** These two addresses are ½ block apart.

1946: 23 April, Reno, NV   [39]
Marriage (3rd) to George M. Freauff  [41]

1950:   [42]
Martha Lafield goes by the name of
Mrs. George Freauff

1952: 3 May - death of first husband  [44]
John Joseph Sullivan  [59]
San Jose, Santa Clara Co, California, USA
buried: Santa Clara Mission Cemetery¤

1954: 31 December   [48]
Marriage (4th) to John McGlynn  [42]

1970: 6 December   [64]
Marriage (5th) to James Quincy Buffington  [68]
Madera, Madera County, California, USA
1971: 31 July
Death of Martha Lafield Conway  [65]
Fresno, Fresno Co., CA, USA
buried as Martha Buffington in
Mountain View Cemetery
Fresno, Fresno Co, California, USA

John Joseph Sullivan with Martha Lafield Conway in 1923,
before their marriage. (Martha would be 15, John 29)

A 1943 photo of Martha Lafield Conway with her daughters
(left to right) Patricia, Mary Ellen, and Martha

Martha Lafield Conway with
(left to right) Patricia, Martha, and Mary Ellen