Joannem 'John' Joseph Sullivan Jr (1894-1952)

Martha Lafield Conway (1907-1971)
Mary Ellen Sullivan (1924-1978)
Martha Agnes Sullivan (1925-2011)
Patricia Ann Sullivan (1929-2002)

Joannem 'John' Joseph Sullivan, Sr (1862-1934)
Paternal grandparents
James Sullivan? (-)
Sarah Leah? (-)
Isobel 'Bella' Burrows (1875-1945)
Maternal grandparents
John Burrows (1929- )
Mary Jane Lowes (1939- )
•  •  •  •  •
Thomas Jocunum 'James' Sullivan (1894-abt1935)
Willis Patritium Sullivan (1896-1966)

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1894: 12 March
Birth of Joannem Joseph Sullivan
Niagara Falls, Niagara Co, New York, USA

1894: 25 March  [13 days]
Niagara Falls, Niagara Co, New York, USA
Christening Record (Pg.131, Vol 2, #4) s/o Joanne Sullivan & Bella Burrows.

1900 Census: Niagara, Niagara Co, New York, USA  (6)
residing at 1426 Elmwood Avenue¤
born in Ireland
listed as son with family
John J Sullivan
  (32) head, silver buffer
Bella  (25) wife
James T  (5) son
Willis P  (3) son

1901: placed in an orphanage with his two brothers  [8]
see below for explanation

1905: 21 September  [11]
John and brothers un away from the Home for the Friendless near Lockport. (see article below)

190?: disliking the orphanage, John runs away
to become a 'printer's devil'  [?]
see below for explanation

1915 WWI: 15 March - enlists in London, England  [19] (22)
discharged after 151 days "on the grounds of being a minor American Citizen"

1917 WWI: 5 June - enlists in Buffalo, NY  [21] (24)
gave his birth date as 5 March, 1893
comment that "Father has income which partly supports him, but son, John Joseph Sullivan Jr. supplies the rest" (unsure which JJS is referred to in "him")

WWI: Jersey City World War I Roll of Honor
John J. Sullivan listed with 15 May 1918  [25]?
served as a printer aboard a ship

Marriage: 21 January, 1924, Fresno, California (29)* (30)
to Martha Lafield Conway (19)* (16)
* the couple falsely stated their ages on their wedding license

1930 Census: Fresno, Fresno Co, California, USA (36)
residing at 163 North Angus Avenue¤ (now the Yosemite Freeway CA-41)
listed as born in New York State
father from Ireland, mother from Canada/England
occupation - printer, newspaper
with family
Martha (23) wife
Mary E (5) daughter
Martha A (4) daughter
Patricia A (6mo) daughter

Worked for the Fresno Bee as a printer

1938?: Gets Jail Term (newspaper clipping in Martha's files)
John J. Sullivan, 41, of Fresno, late yesterday was sentenced to serve thirty days in the Fresno County Jail for violating terms of probation granted on a failure to provide charge. He was arrested by Detective Sergeant R. H. Wise on a bench warrant issued by Police Judge M. K. Gibbs. Under a court order made last June, Sullivan was directed to pay $12.50 weekly toward the support of three minor children.

Worked for the San Jose Mercury-Herald as a printer.

Death: 3 May 1952  [59]
San Jose, Santa Clara Co, California, USA
buried: Santa Clara Mission Cemetery¤

Jamestown NY Evening Journal, Thu, 21 Sept 1905
Seven small boys, Inmates of the Home for the Friendless near Lockport, ran away Wednesday morning and are supposed to be on their way to Buffalo. The boys' ages range from five to 11 years. Their names are John Sullivan [11], James Sullivan, Willis Sullivan and Edward Nelll of Niagara Falls and Robert Waldorp, Robert Klne and Frank Rogers of Lockport.
The Niagara Falls boys have run away from the home before, and altogether have given the officials considerable trouble.

From a letter written by daughter, Martha Agnes (Sullivan) Keyes:
. . . my dad, John Joseph Sullivan, he died at the age of 58, May 5th, 1952, in his Hotel room in San Jose, and is buried in San Jose.  It was a heart attack.  He was working at the San Jose Mercury-Herald at the time of his death.
     He was one of three boys, the oldest, and his mother placed the three boys in an orphanage at a very young age (my father, the oldest, was supposed to be eight years of age).  The story I was told was that he objected to being placed in an orphanage, and ran away to become a "printer's devil", and we would know it today as an apprentice, but there were no child labor laws at the time he was a child.  He served in World War I, a printer on the ship, which is where he learned to drink alcohol.  Backtracking, the reason his mother placed her three sons in an orphanage is that her husband, my grandfather [John Joseph Sullivan (1862-1934)], deserted her and the three boys.  She had the opportunity to remarry, but this new man on the scene would not accept the three boys as a ready-made family.  This was in Niagara Falls, N.Y.

John Joseph Sullivan Jr, Martha Lafield Conway,
Mary Ellen Sullivan (L, seated), Martha Sullivan (R, seated),
Pat Sullivan (held by Martha)

John Joseph Sullivan Jr, in Sequoia National Park
An obit of John J Sullivan and announcement of rites,
San Jose Mercury, May, 1952
Obituary for Thomas James Sullivan, mentioning his mother,
Mrs. James Everingham, and brothers Willis & John.
Niagara Falls Gazette, Wednesday, December 13, 1933