Tracing our O'Hara/Sullivan and Bodden/Watler family lines

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I, Seán O'Hara, am the author of this site, created as a means to store my research into the family lineage of my children. I chose to build these pages in a public space in order to share this information freely with them, my extended family and friends, as well as make it available to other lineage researchers. I am not a professional, and this project is a mere side-line to other projects, so engaging a private researcher or paying for an expensive online service is not a viable option.
    If you have information about the people listed on these pages, I invite you to contact me so that we can compare notes. Also, if you would like to challenge or correct any information, I am also very interested - this information was gathered from what I believe were reliable sources, cobbled them together as time permits, so I will not take offense if you point out errors or inconsistencies - this is one of the reasons I chose to make this information publicly assessible.

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parents                       grandparents             great-grandparents

William Thomas Eden (1832-1909) • • • •
Mary Ann Watler (1841-1881) • • • •
Ophelia Thompson (1854-1936) • • • •
Elizabeth Caroline Bodden (1860-1936) • • • •

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On these pages I've tried to record the approximate age
of each person at the time of the event note.
(xx) is the age documented       [xx] is my calculation of approximate age

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