O'Hanon Computers 




    I purchased my last mp3 player about two years ago.  It was just a little bullet shaped player with an FM tuner and voice recorder.  The nicest feature was a built in usb port so I didn't have to use a cable.  Although it was only 256mb, it was fine for the gym or just a few hours of music.  However, the selector button broke.  Because I'm so cheap, I opted to fix it rather than shell out another $20 for a new 1gig player on eBay.


    So, in my mind, the only way to fix this mp3 player was to put it in a new case.  I figured the best project box to use was the classic NES controller. Now, I've seen this done other places before, but I wanted to add some features to my player that I didn't see in the others.