Suspenders CW key

by OH6DC

Keep your trousers safely up and key your transmitter at the same time with these special suspenders.

Thin copper wires were sewn into suspender straps. Wire insulation lacquer was removed around center areas here. The wires go across each other but don't touch, until...

... the strap is stretched. Electrical contact is then made. (Click the images to enlarge.)

More needle work was carried out to guide the wires further. Lots of slack was needed because the straps are elastic but copper isn't. As seen in this picture, both straps were used to enable two-hand (double speed) CW keying.

Thin copper wires (four altogether) were connected to a thicher keying cable at the back part of suspenders.

No need to stretch your imagination any more. Take a look at this video clip and see the key in action: