Remote control CW key

by OH6DC

Remote controlled stations are the latest word in amateur radio. You operate a station in another location using Internet connection. Computers, software and interfaces are needed.

There is also a much simpler way to enjoy remote control operating. You don't need complicated technology. You don't even need to buy a second QTH for the remote station.

This is my conception of a remote control system: an old TV remote controller and a light sensitive sensor circuit. The sensor unit is connected to the transceiver's key jack.

The sensor circuit is the same I used in my Refrigerator CW key.

TV remote controls send short infrared pulses, like dots in Morse code. Some modifications are needed for straight key function (or dashes for a semiautomatic bug).

This model has a separate push-button switch in the center. I cut its legs off from the original circuit and used it for controlling the infrared LED.

Thin insulated copper wires from the switch are soldered to the LED control transistor like this. Now the LED goes on when the switch is pressed. When other (non-modified) switches are pressed, the LED sends short pulses (dots).

The remote controller can now be used as a straight key or a semiautomatic bug.
See this video clip: