Radio controlled CW key

by OH6DC

I borrowed this R/C car from my kids to play with. Not so much to drive but to use it as a remote controlled CW key.

My idea was to use its steering joystick as a sideswiper style CW key.

No changes were made to the car. Keying contacts were instead built on this empty plastic ice cream box. Copper wires were taped on the box like this. Click the picture to see details better.

Both sides have their own contacts because I wanted sideswiper function. Front wheels will touch the copper wires and make contact when the steering joystick is turned to either direction.

The car front was mounted on the ice cream box like this so that the front wheels almost touch the copper wire contacts. The car body was removed for better view.

Ready for R/C telegraphy. See & hear the video clip below: