Handshake CW key

by OH6DC


When two CW operators meet face to face and shake hands, what do they say?

Well, they don't say anything. Instead they greet each other by using special CW keys in their hands. If you don't own one yet, here are the building instructions:

First make two coil-like rings. Never mind inductances. Just coil some thick copper wire so that your fingers go nicely inside. Connect a keying cable to these rings.

You also need a small audio oscillator. A simple circuit using 555 timer IC is fine.

Put the oscillator in your sleeve.

The coiled rings go to your fingers like this.

Attach a piece of aluminium tape here.

CW sounds are heard when you touch the al-tape in another operators hand with both rings, and vice versa, like in this video:

P.S: Another great way to greet people is to use the Hat tipping CW key.