Hammock CW key

by OH6DC

Lying in a hammock - what could be more pleasant thing to do on a holiday? Well, maybe lying in a hammock and sending morse code at the same time. Follow these instructions:

You need to empty a beer can first. Attach it then to the hammock ropes like this. One of the keying wires is connected to the can top with a screw. Another goes inside the can...

...and comes out from a large hole beneath the can. In beer factory they don't drill these bottom holes ready so you must do it yourself. The keying wire is peeled so that it makes electrical contact to the hole rim when the hammock is tilted. The yellow wire connects the can top to its bottom. In this beer brand they were not electrically connected. In another they were. More empirical testing of different beer brands is needed.

A brick holds the wire in center position. A rubber band brings suitable tension to the wire. Connect the keying cable to your portable CW rig or to an audio oscillator.

Here you can see my holiday video: