Guitar CW key

by OH6DC

1) CW is music.

2) Guitar is for playing music.

3) It follows logically that guitar can be used as a CW key.

Let me show how.

A piece of strip connector is attached to guitar headstock. An ordinary keying cable to a CW transmitter (or an audio oscillator) goes from there. No audio signal will be present on the cable, so don't connect the plug into guitar amplifier.

Thinner wires seen on the other side of the strip connector. One wire is put under one of the metal strings. Loosen the machine head first, put the wire under the string, and then tighten.

Another wire touches one of the metal strips (frets), on the fingerboard. A piece of tape holds this wire in place. Not a good solution electrically, but reasonable if you don't want to make permanent damage to your guitar.

Press one of the metal strings against the fret with your middle finger. A short circuit is made and transmitter is keyed. The forefinger must press the wire under the tape to make sure it touches the fret properly.

Besides working CW contacts by radio you can also "play" any song you like with this installation. Just connect it to an audio oscillator and send the song lyrics in morse code.

Did you say you want to hear me play Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water? Okay, listen and enjoy this video clip: