Ballpoint pen CW key

by OH6DC

If you want to be a world-class contester you can't waste time switching between pen and CW key. It is therefore necessary to use the log writing pen as a CW key too.

You need a ballpoint pen with metal ink cartridge and metal body tip. Wrap the other keying wire around the screw joint and tighten it. Soldering the wire to form a circle gives best reliability.

The other keying wire is soldered to a piece of pc-board or any copper plate. The plate is then glued to a piece of hardboard. Contest log sheet is anchored with strong clothespins to stay in place in the heat of contest.

The setup is especially useful in places where tables don't exist, like in a VW Beetle during SSA Portabeltest.

Get a glimpse of my improved contest performance in this video: