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WAB Progress

One of my larger goals in ham radio as a hobby is working all the available bands. 
I had this goal even before hearing about the Worked All Bands award, but it's an excellent excuse for all this. 
This page exists to document my slow progress towards that goal. 

The bands legal can be found in this pdf file from FICORA. The 5MHz band is valid these days because it got authorized this year, 15W eirp only tho.
If the unregulated regions under 8.3kHz, over 275GHz/400GHz ( now the unregulated portion is over 3000GHz, but there might be some ham stuff on that in the future between 241GHz and 3000GHz) and visible light are not taken in to account, there are 25 amateur radio bands in Finland. 
If type accepted modules with output power of <1mW are used then LASER is also legal. Visible non-laser light does not have power limits as far as I know.   
This table will get populated as I work more bands and go trough my QSL cards. 

 Band     Frequency Station   QTHOther end loc QRB Mode Pout Equipment   Date Other
 160m 1843kHz      KP20HF   LSB 40W FT-897  
 80m 3737KHz OH2TI KP20HF KP20KE  LSB  IC-731      
 60m          new as of 2017
 40m 7060kHz OH2TI KP20HF KP20KE  LSB  IC-731  
 20m  OH2TI KP20HF KP20KE  USB  IC-731  
 17m  OH2TI KP20HF KP20KE  USB  IC-731  
 10m 29.550MHz OH2TI KP20HF KP20KE  FM IC-731   
 6m  OH2TI KP20HF KP20KE  USB  FT-897  
 4m 70.2625MHz OH2NAF KP20HF KP20KE  FM 25W Mobira RB58VY  
 2m 145.550MHz OH2TI KP20HF KP20KE  FM 25W IC-275E  
 70cm 433.550MHz OH2TI KP20HF KP20KE  FM  FT-897  
 23cm 1297.550MHz OH2TI  KP20KE  FM 850mW Kenwood TH-55  
 13cm  2401MHz     OH2EAT KP10PJ KP10PJ  FeldHell <25mW LimeSDR  Later also wkd OH2EAT on 13cm FM
 9cm (3.4GHz)          
 6cm (5.6GHz)          
 3cm (10GHz)          

Some info on how the bands should be used in Finland. 
HF: http://personal.inet.fi/koti/oh6jat/aprs/iaru.html
VUSHF: http://oh3tr.ele.tut.fi/suomi/vhfbandijako.shtml