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Chinese kits

This is mainly a list for my own reference about chinese QRP and other kits relating to hamradio.

Broadcast FM radio kit with Frequency counter
The frequency counter should be able to do 1-170MHz, 0.1MHz resolution.
Might make a start for a IF rig for some 10/24GHZ gunnplexer or DROplexer WBFM rig.

1-30MHz QRP atu kit.
Looks like 2x polyvaricon + 1x T50-2 or -6.

"45W" 3-30MHz HF linear kit.
No heatsink, 2x IRF530 fets in pushpull, 2SC1971 ( usually pulled from scrap) as driver and some SOT89, usually 2sc3357 transistor at input.
Regulator for Bias supply. Some dude got 1W @50MHz. Very high gain, tens of milliwatts input.
This is also available on ebay.

40m CW transceiver 1.8W "WAMING  5"
7.023MHz crystal, Traditional SA602+LM386 RX, no volume control, adjustable RIT

40m Pixie2 kit, no RF connectors
Mostly Pixie2 with 7.023MHz crystal. Antenna and PSU connection via similar connectors. Adjustable RIT

40m Pixie2 kit, BNC antenna connector
Mostly Pixie2 with 7.023MHz crystal. BNC antenna connector. Adjustable RIT. Typical DC barrel for PSU.
I have built one of these for 40m and it works. A metallic case does make a difference in the noise floor.
Feed it with a battery as mains hum easily breaks thru in other cases.

Frog Sounds 40m CW transceiver 2.6W
Got one of these in the works. Typical SA602+LM386 RX, Variable RIT. RF attenuator with 5k pot for volume control and dealing with strong signals.
One 7.023MHz crystal used as a frontend filter for the SA602. But it is not matched in anyway. I'm planing on replacing it with a 7.020MHz muRata filter from my junkbox, it has 300ohm impedances which add their own problems. Mine still needs some debugging as it does not work properly. The black soldermask on the pcb makes following traces hard. 

"L4 is 11 turns (about 20 cm of wire) on T37-43 (black) and L5 in 16 turns (about 30 cm of wire) on T37-2 (red) 6) LED: the short lead is the green, middle lead is the red, and the longest (middle) lead is the common anode 7)"

Manual tuning aviation receiver.
AM VHF receiver, has squelch. Could be modified for 2m AM RX if wanted I guess.
I have one of these with pcb inductors. Yet to test it or modify it. Got it prebuilt for 2eur on a hamfest.