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LTE bands Band30 (2300MHz FDD), Band40 (2300MHz TDD), Band42 (3400 - 3600MHZ, TDD) and Band255 (Unlicensed Band NII-3, 5725 - 5787MHz, downlink only) are on hambands. 
Thus a suitably prepared amateur could run their own hobbyist LTE basestation. 
This is the first time it's possible to use commercial off the self phones without any modifications as amateur radio equipment. 
Unfortunately mostly FDD based opensource or free implementations are available for the existing hardware (USRP, BladeRF, LimeSDR, etc.).
AT&T has only just started rolling out Band30 LTE in USA so only higher end handsets have it and thus making it uneconomical to buy a few just for playing around. 
Band40 TDD is widely deployed and many current and cheap LTE phones support it.

Thankfully Openairinterface seems to support TDD and LimeSDR, but that's yet to be tested.
Some info on getting OpenAirInterface runnign with LimeSDR:

In china Band40 is designated as a band used to increase indoor coverage, in other words, its designated for Femtocell and picocell use. 
The only Band40 Femtocell I have been able to find is BLT-FAP03 from Alpha Networks:
Unfortunately they are yet to answer to my inquiries. 

Some work done by other on this:

So to recap:
My target is to setup a Band40 (2300 - 2400MHz) TDD LTE basestation using a LimeSDR. 
TDD because many phones currently being sold in Finland support Band40 but not Band30. 
I'd much prefer FDD, but I'm not terribly interested in importing handsets just for playing around. 
Especially when they might lack local LTE bands. 

1200baud is so eighties. 

Some resources:
LTE freq bands: