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70cm RHCP feed

All begun with my interest in satellites and Seeed having a sale on 5cm x 5cm pcb's.
Why cut coax when you can use something from Mini-Circuits?

This board forms a feedpoint for a 70cm RHCP yagi or turnstile for listening to amateur radio satellites. 
It is based around a Mini-Circuits QCN-3+ 90* power splitter. 
It is specified for 220MHz-470MHz, so it could also be used for the USA 220MHz band, but why on earth would you need RHCP there?

The splitter is specified to survive 7W input power when it's at 100*C, so it's a perfect companion for a handheld or ft-817.

The board looks a bit slapdash as it was drawn and sent for manufacturing in about 2 hours start to finish.