EOMA68 aims to be a standard for one particular formfactor of a computer module. 
The Rhombus-tech.net wiki is a bit challenging to traverse and find info on, so I created this page to document my own research and to provide me with easy to find links.

I find that the project aligns with my own interests and thus I backed it in the crowdsupply.com campaign. 

Rhombus-Tech.net wiki has most of the more up to date info, somewhere.

Some info on the EOMA and EOMA68, including the pinout of EOMA68 card. 

EOMA68 community ideas, all kinds of ideas and projects on what to do with EOMA68 compute cards like the EOMA68-A20:

My personal ideas and interests on what to do with this are:

-Make my own "microdesktop" style breakoutboard for EOMA68 for learning and general testing. 
-Retrofit an older IBM Thinkpad laptop with EOMA68, the current target is T41/T43, as I have two of them.
-Design and maybe produce my own EOMA68 compatible compute card
-Design a mostly-dumb-phone that uses EOMA68, this might end up using C.H.I.P Pro or plain GR8 instead of a full EOMA68 card due to space and IO concerns. 

Alisivut (1): EOMA68-GR8