Bonkventures! - Adventures in the Land of Bonk.

This part of this site mainly exist to document my various adventures and attempts at modifying or reusing various bits of surplus, or as it is commonly called here in OH-land: Bonk. 

Modifying stuff or building projects based on bits of surplus is fun and all. 
But most of the half-assed contraptions and build's don't get documented. 
And thus folks can't get inspired/horrified and have to do things again instead of learning from the mistakes of others. 

Current projects include:
Modifying a Nokia TMN-1 900MHz NMT phone to a 23cm FM rig before the band goes away and working one QSO with it.
Modifying a 1010MHz IF board from a 18GHz Nokia link in to a 23cm transverter and working a SSB QSO on the band with it.
Modifying a 3GHz LO osc board from some Nokia link to build a 3.4GHz transverter and working a QSO on the band.
Modifying Benefon Forte TEM-10N to 23cm from 900MHz and achieving 10W output power on the band.
Modifying an Airspan networks 3.5GHz WiMAX accesspoint in to a 3.4GHz transverter with built in antenna. 
Building a toy transponder around a 82.2MHz crystal filter. 6m uplink and 10m downlink on current variation as I found suitable crystals for these.
Building a 10GHz upconverter from old LNB with 10GHz LO and using 70cm IF. 
Converting a 27MHz CB radio with a mask-ROM PLL for 40m amateur band use.

Each individual project will get their own subpage as the they progress and get more pictures and info.