I am a PhD student in Economics at the Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main. My current work is in the field of empirical household finance. My research advisor is Prof. Michalis Haliassos.


I study individual financial and consumption choices as well as intra-household decision-making. One aspect I am working at is the decisions made within a family, in particular, how they are shaped by personality traits of the spouses - beyond economic preferences, resources and cognitive abilities. Many issues are related to that: what makes a person a CFO of the household, what are his or her characteristics and preferences, if characteristics of another spouse influence decisions and to which extent - and, at the end, what are the implications for household's financial choices.


I get a lot of inspiration and insights from my own family, experimenting with intra-household decision-making as well as investments into human capital in early childhood on a daily basis.


My CV is here


My contact is Olga.Goldfayn@hof.uni-frankfurt.de