This little program extracts video, audio and subtitle tracks from OGM and MKV files. 

It is basically an oversimplified GUI for OGMTools and MKVToolnix.


OGMcleaver.1.1.0.zip - released 8th August 2007
(If you get a nice message saying 'Bandwith limit exceeded', please use the mirror download at videohelp.com. Thanks for providing it!)

This package contains everything needed to extract tracks from OGM files; in order to process MKV files as well, please download and install MKVToolnix.

New in version 1.1.0:
- Files to be processed can be added using drag-and-drop.
- It is displayed what kinds of tracks are present in each file.
- Tracks to be extracted can be choosen.
- File naming bug with MKV source is fixed.

Package contents 

OGMcleaver executable
OGMcleaver source code
OGMInfo and OGMDemuxer from OGMTools

Previous version

OGMcleaver.1.0.0.zip - released 7th July 2007



Other stuff I created

DVDforger - an all-in-one DVD authoring application.
WAVI - a command-line utility to save audio tracks as WAV files from AviSynth.