Lighter side of it!!!

The following section is a light hearted view of the practice of orthopaedics.
No offence is meant to those suffering from orthopaedic illness nor do any
of the characteristics of orthopaedic surgeons portrayed relate to any or all
orthopaedic surgeons living, dead or in training - .
You may however recognise yourself !

Physician to a young patient

put your tongue out--out
come on all of it

I cannot, I feel it is attached other end

---by Dr Yadagiri Surenderrao

1)  My attitude during exams.They gave the questions which I don't know, so I wrote the answers which they don't know.Tit for tat.

2)  Once a rich dad took his son to a village to show poverty. After the trip he asked his son about poverty.
        Son replied:-  We have one dog and they have four. We have small tank of water, they have long river. We have lamps, they have stars. We have small piece of land, they have large fields. We buy food, they grow theirs.
        The boy's dad was speechless.
        Then boy said- "thanks dad for showing me how poor we are."
        Life is all about how we see,interpret & accept things.

  • Jokes  Courtesy Nikhil Gurrapu

    A doctor at a party seems to be having a terrible time. A lawyer friend of his, who is having a great time, runs into him and says, "Wow, what a great party!". The doctor responds by saying, "I'm having an aweful time because everyone keeps asking me for medical advice. How do you keep people from asking for your advice?" The lawyer replies, "Oh, that's easy....I just bill them for the advice and they learn not to bother me during social events. Well, enjoy the party." The doctor thinks to himself, "What a great idea, I'll start sending out bills on Monday". After working all weekend on his new bills, the doctor is proud to have them all ready, stamped and sealed. So he walks over to his mailbox to send them out and finds a letter from his lawyer friend that says, "Bill for Legal Advice at Party: $500."

  • Do you know how to hide a $100 bill from......

    An orthopod? Put it in a book

    A radiologist? Put it on a patient

    An Internist? What is a $100 bill?

    A Plastic surgeon? You can't hide a $100 bill from a plastic surgeon

    A well known rich businessman's wife broke her hip.  The businessman got the
    best bone surgeon in town to do the operation. The operation consisted of
    lining up the broken hip and putting in a screw to secure it. The operation
    went fine, and the doctor sent the business man a fee for his services of $5000.
    The businessman was outraged at the cost, and sent the doctor a letter demanding
    an itemized list of the costs. The doctor sent back a list with two things:

    1 screw $ 1
    Knowing how to put it in $ 4999
    $ 5000 total

    The businessman never argued.

    An internist, a radiologist, a surgeon, and a pathologist all go duck hunting together. When they hear the first wave of ducks coming, the internist says "OK, you guys, I'm the smartest guy here, so I'll be in charge. Don't shoot until I say so." He looks up at the birds and says "Hmmmm...well...I don't know. Those could be ducks. But they could also be geese. Or even Swans. I read about something like this in NEJM once upon a time. I'm not sure we should shoot yet..." and of course, the ducks are gone.

    The radiologist rolls his eyes and says "I'LL be in charge now, dammit." Another flock of ducks flies overhead. The radiologist looks at the water and mutters (in a monotone, of course) "Shadows appear consistent with duck-like structures but pigeons of unusual size cannot be excluded recommend additional angles and possibly a contrast study as well as clinical correlation period end report." Of course, the ducks are gone.


    As the smoke clears, the water is littered with carcasses. The surgeon turns to the pathologist and says "Hey...which of them's ducks?"

    (Hail Surgeons!!!)

    What do you call 2 orthopedic doctors reading an EKG? 

    A double blind study!!!! 

    (Noooo I condemn this joke.....:-/   )

    A man goes to the doctor and says to the doctor: "It hurts when I press here" (pressing his side) "And when I press here" (pressing the other side) "And here" (his leg) "And here, here and here" (his other leg, and both arms) So the doctor examined him all over and finally discovered what was wrong... "You've got a broken finger!" 

    An old lady fell down the stairs and broke her leg. The doctor put it in a cast and warned her not to walk up and down the stairs. The leg was slow in meding. Finally, after six months, the doctor announced it was all right to remove the cast.

    "Can I climb the stairs now?" asked the old lady.

    "Yes" answered the doctor.

    "Oh, I'm so glad," she smiled. "I'm sick of climbing up and down the drainpipe all the time.

    Doctor: What happened?
    Patient: There was a shot in my back with something passing like jurrru into my leg!
    Doctor: Were you able to sleep?
    Patient: I could not sleep as the whole night it was beating thath, thath in my back! What is my problem Doc?
    Doctor: Your one nerve has climbed over another nerve!
    ( Talk and Treat in patient's own language!!)