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From GVS:

Memories are like clouds that come, shower and go with changing times and seasons of life!
My acquaintance with Orthopaedics is when we were under graduate students listening to the classes of Dr. Paravastu Ranga Chari Sir. Students were afraid of him as there used to be a talk that he throws away Das clinical methods book if he finds it with anybody. But we used to read Das only, as that was the book available and followed by many. But some how I became a Fan of Ranga Chari Sir. The reasons may be his handsome figure like senior NTR, his acting skills while teaching like falling on outstretched hand in Supra Condylar fracture Humerus. May be his novel independent thinking and arguments different from the routine text book following, is that has enthralled me.
I asked him one question, “Why the clicks are heard when we fold the fingers into flexion?” am still waiting for an answer for this question!
There is another Teacher who used to affectionately call girl students as “Dayyam (Devil) or Rakshasi” and boys as “Kothi (Monkey)”.
Guess who it is and we will continue our memories in next episode!

Yadagiri Surender Rao 

lighter side to sisirmig
Dr p ranga chary is a great man i have observed him from close side
it is misconception that he does not like books
he used to tell going to the ward & seeing patient is much more important
than reading the books
the same thing is told by sir william ossler ie
studying medicine in books is like going to sea in a unchartered boat &
studying medicine with out patients is  like not going to sea at all
probably his idea is read the books at home and examine the patient in the ward

osmania ortho doing good job
 with best wishes