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Osmania General Hospital

Nawab Afzaludaula was the fifth king of Asafjahi dynasty and ruled the state of Hyderabad in the seventh decade of nineteenth century, with Hyderabad as capital city. Hyderabad Medical School already existed during his reign and there was a need for a big hospital for an expanding city. The first Salarjung Thurba Ali Khan (Mukhtar-Ul-Mulk Bhadur) who was the Prime Minister conceived the idea of building the hospital at the bank of Musi River in the year 1876(1866). It was popularly known as Afzalgunj hospital. The hospital earned world wide reputation with ‘Hyderabad Chlorofom commission during the tenure of Dr. Edward Lawrie,(1885-1901) as Principal of Hyderabad medical school and Superintendant of the hospital. This hospital was damaged in the year 1908 on account of devastating flood in the river Musi which is adjacent to the hospital.

                Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan VII King of Asafjahi dynasty decided to construct a new grand hospital at the same place. The new magnificent hospital was built by the seventh Nizam, during the years 1920 to 1925. Hence the name of the hospital is “Osmania General Hospital”.