Welcome to the Ogdensburg & Norwood Rwy!
International Inlet to Northern New York
Connecting Canada with Southern New England
The O&N is a freelanced, circa 1948 HO scale model railroad layout based, in part, upon the influences of the prototype shortline railroad operated in the late 1960's - early 1970's by my family, running from Ogdensburg, NY on the Saint Lawrence River and U.S. border with Canada, and 25-miles to the east at Norwood, NY and interchange with the Penn Central.
Other major prototype influences include family multi-generational experiences with the NYO&W on its Southern Division, as well as the regional influences of the New York Central, the Rutland, and other interchanging railroads of the period.
This layout is the Northern Division of a Class 1 rail bridge line...connecting Canada by rail car ferry at Ogdensburg to southern New England through interchange with the New Haven at Pittsfield, MA.
Welcome Aboard, from Jim Heidt...and the "Coolies" of the O&N
At left, the northbound local, behind O&N 2-8-0 #264, rests at the water tank and station at Speculator, NY at noon on June 30, 1948
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