About me

Helen Griffin has been knitting most of her life. While her mother, grandmother, maternal and paternal aunts all knit, almost no effort was given to teaching her or her siblings to knit--Her mother saw knitting as a chore--and one she hoped her children wouldn't need. .  Still by age 8 she picked up the basics.

The NYC Dept of Parks, provided then (as it still does now) help in the way of a skein of yarn, a pair of needles, a pattern and Miss Lorelei--the local park parkie (as NYC dept of parks employees are known) who also provided basic directions for a watch cap--One of the first projects she completed.

Age 9 she started color work, and knitting in the round. Her first attempts were crude and not very successful--a trail of half knit, incomplete object followed her. Completed objects--even those that looked good--(like her first pair of socks)-- were abysmal; Pretty as they looked, they were unwearable.

But all these failures were learning experiences. By the time she reached her early 20's she finally had a the skills and experience she needed to be a successful knitter.

With the birth of her children, her knitting started in earnest. Baby sweaters and blankets gave way to children's sweaters, hats, mittens and full sized afghans. Along the way, a myriad of new skills were added. Color work skills grew, knowledge of stitch pattern grew, technical skill were added. Somewhere along the way, she became obsessed with a number of different knitting specialties, like cast ons, and knows over 50 different styles of casting on. But not cast ons alone—she also is fascinated by lace, leaf motifs, double knitting, hats and socks.

The next 40 years went by in a blur--with baby clothes and blankets, sweaters and hats, knitting, sewing, embroidery, quilting and a long list of other fiber arts learned and mastered--and a host of computer skills that allow her to create and edit technical videos , her blog, and this web page. 

Helen Griffin has taught knitting at the NYC Knit Outs, at several knitting guilds, and given private lessons.  
Ms Griffin currently lives in Queens NY, where she blogs (mostly about knitting), knits, sews, and teaches.

For information about her teaching schedule, check here. 

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