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Cast On Reference List

While no one reference book has a complete or perfect list, if you are interested in learning more cast on methods--these books are a good place to start.
Reader's Digest Knitter's Handbook, by Montse Stanley-Readers Digest, NY
--This book has the best collection of cast ons, bind offs, and selvages.
Unfortunately, the pen and ink drawing,  and minimal instructions leave a lot to be desired.
This book is a good reference to refresh your memory, but its not the best tool for learning.

The Big Book of Knitting, Katerina Bush, Lark Publishing, NY
--This book has excellent photo tutorials of many cast ons, bind offs and a few selvage stitches.
Unfortunately, some specialty cast ons are not grouped with the basic ones--so you need to do a bit of hunting to find them all.  This book is an excellent reference for learning and refreshing your memory

The Knitters Hand Book of Finishing Techniques, Nancy Wiseman, Interweave Publishing
--Not many cast ons or bind off are include, but the excellent directions--for cast ons and other details--makes this book an excellent reference book for any knitter.

The Vogue Knitting Guide, 
--Not a comprehensive collection, but well organized, and presented with well illustrated directions. The best source for directions for on the Knitted Hair Pin Lace that can be used as a cast on edge. 

Principles of Knitting. June Hemmon Hiatt
--New and totally revised, this is an excellent reference book for all aspects of knitting. Illustrations are mostly pen and ink drawings. 


Knitting Help has an extensive selection of videos--for cast ons, for decreases, for increases and other techniques.
About.knitting.com is another resource for all things knitting.

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