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These simple videos will help get you started---But for professional quality productions, be sure to check my Store, where you can find professional, quality CD's--with all new videos of these cast ons, and more, sold individually, or as a box set of 3 CD's
Single Yarn Cast ons
Starting with the Simple cast--the simplest cast on and some variations Run time: 4:15
The Double Knotted (super stretchy!) cast on Run Time 7:41
My very own, Double Chain Knit Cast on run time 4:22, (it's  matching bind off, ) Run time:4:00
The I-cord cast on (with I cord edging)--Run time 11:00
The Crocheted Cast on--(which can also be a provisional cast on) Run time 5:26
A Strong but stretchy Single yarn cast on--so simple, but almost unknown! Run time 1:22
An other interesting stretch single yarn cast on --a left hand version of TillyBuddy's cast on 
Run time 4:36  Tilly can be found on Ravelry, and her video of this cast on can be found here. 

Double (and treble!) yarn Cast Ons
My most popular video--a no waste yarn invisible cast on (aka an Italian Cast on) Run time 6:40
The Channel Island cast on-- a wonderfully strong, stretchy, and attractive cast on Run time 5:29
The Basic Long tail (review) and Varitions (Open/closed and twisted)
A multi color Braided Cast on (great when paired with a Latvian Braid stitch, see below) Run time 7:13
A Long Tail Variation--an excellent choice for Double knitting Run time: 9:11
An Open/Closed Long Tail Cast on(aka an Estonian Cast on) another strong, stretchy cast on 
Run time 5:14
Helen's Twisted Chain Cast On--An attractive, super stretchy double yarn cast on
The video shows it done in 2 colors, but it's just as attractive worked in a single yarn folded to make a main yarn and tail.  Run time 8:20

Special techniques
Latvian Twist Edging Not a cast on but a wonder decorative edging Run time:6:37
A knit flower made from the Latvian twist edging--Run time 1:03
See the Knit Flower Pin (a free pattern) for details 
Latvian braiding--Part 1 Run time 5:25 and Part 2 Run Time 5:16 
This braiding  can be used on its own, or paired with a multi color braided cast on (above)

Tutorials-Available only on The Golden Apples Face Book Fan Page
Two Socks on 2 Circular needles--How to cast on and set up
Cables 101 Cable basics for the very beginner.  Includes simple and travelling cables.