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Friends and Links

I belong to several knitting groups--
Most Tuesday evenings I can be found at the LICKnit group, that meets at Manducatis Rustica --46-35 Vernon Blvd. 

I am the Helen Griffin who provided the tip in Anne Modisitt & Drew Emborsky's book, Men Who Knit and Dogs Who Love Them

I have a Fan page on FaceBook--with some videos tutorial exclusive to that page, and I am a fan of 
Sonya Philips, and the TsockTsarina, there, too.

Some other knitters who inspire me are:


While these days, I try most often to 'shop my Stash Sable'-- the world is full of stores that make me want to shop:

Yarn Stores

Webs (MA)
Imagiknits   (SF, CA)
Verb for Keeping Warm (Berkley, CA)


I don't spin--but for those of you who do