Experiments in Mathmatical Knitting-under construction

Samples and essays on the subject.

The name of this page is not accurate. It is about my experiments with mathematical and scientific ideas, in knitting. If this subject interest you, please go to The Home of Mathematical Knitting—which is the MOTHER of all idea about mathematical knitting—That list also crosses into the sciences—Biology, Chemistry, and Physics knowledge can all be expressed in knitting.

Knitting plays well with Biology, Geology, Chemistry, and Physics, well as with many mathematical concepts—And the same with knitters—They play well with these subjects—and use them to with knitting projects. There are patterns that use fractals, and explore biological concepts, chart geology activity, and other that chart the weather (in knitted form).

These are just a smattering of ideas that knitters have explored—and made clear and visible with knitting. The Home of Mathematical Knitting is pages and pages of links to ideas, and patterns, to whole other web sites. It is jammed packed with ideas for ideas for teaching children—to idea that are complex mathematical concepts and theories. If you like knitting, and like maths, you are sure to find many examples of interest. Another good source for information is Thomasina's blog post (this post is from 2005, and some of the links are broken)

This page, here, is much simpler. I have done mathematical knitting all my life—I had done things before I knew the name for the concept-- Like Celular autotomic knitting, which I just called Ruled knitting. The patterns I made up followed a set of rules—Which then morphed (as I learned computer programming into “programmed knitting”--which better minds than mine called cellular automata—and applied it to Knitting.. Since I was off on my own, doing my own thing—I develop different rules, but my mathematical son, recognized my designs fell into the same category. My design tend to be more analog, most cellular automata knitting is more digital---but the concept is basically the same.

My lack of formal mathematical education is reflected in the objects I have knit. But I have been exploring the relationship between knitting and computer programming since the early 1980's, when I got into computers—Knitting is a perfect visual example of a computer program—Knitting itself is binary, and knitting patterns even LOOK like computer patterns--especially for those of us who grew up on the very terse patterns of the past. This terse style of pattern writing can still be found in Europe—DROPs, a Norwegian company provides many free patterns uses it. But some knitter, used to the more modern style of wordier patterns, find these patterns hard read and understand. At the same time, programming has moved on to things like Visual basic, and changed, too.

So I have explored some mathematical knitting—and this is my way of sharing it.

First up, a blast from the past—the Ouroboros sweater. Ourobouros is: A circular symbol depicting a snake, or less commonly, a dragon, swallowing its tail, as an emblem of wholeness or infinity.

Super Bonus!  from the wayback machine, Joseph Kkinkhoff's Essay: Hex and Bin, meet my friends Knit and Purl

And the conversion process--How to change normal text to Assci code and then to Knits and purls (for knitting) 

This sweater, even more than Moebius scarf I knit before it, excited me and my desire to share my enthusiasm prompted me to start a blog, so I could!

Other mathematical knitting projects include:

Ouroboros Sweater--from Debbie New, in Unexpected Knitting

Moebius scarves (2)

Klein bottle hats

Phyllotoxis scarf (from Norah Gaugham) Scarf

Stranded color work using cellular automata

Lace work using cellular autotmata  Lace Hat

Binary encoded messages in knitting (Hex and Bin, meet my friends Knit and Purl/knitted binary message square

Geology (granite socks)

Roy G Biv socks (light refraction, physics)

Pi is Bi  About EZ's Pi Shawls

Fractal Knitting

Other fun mathematical projects in my knitting queue

Weather scarf.

Binary scarf

DNA 3D toy