OFME (Ottawa Folk Music Events) Listings
 The OFME Listings website began as the
Ottawa Folk Festival Email List in November 1997.
The content of the OFME Listings website comes from notices posted by
members of the OFME Email Group, and include a wide-ranging variety of notices
about upcoming music events, (mostly folk music), in or reasonably near Ottawa, Ontario.
 To join the OFME List, send an email to: ofme@primus.ca
with the word  Subscribe in the Subject: field
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As of March 13, 2017, the OFME Email List now in its 20th year has over 2,250 members who receive:


    1. OFME Folk TidBits - postings from List members about upcoming events (mostly, but NOT exclusively "folk music") in or near Ottawa, Ontario

    2. OFME Bonus SoundBits - occasional postings about special
      i.     special promotion contests with free tickets prizes
      ii.   "front of the line" ticket purchase offers

To post messages to the OFME Email List, or communicate with Brian (OFME List Guy), send an email to: ofmelist@gmail.com