Eleven Point 3 Day Float Trip | Greer Springs Hike

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Eleven Point 3 Day Float Trip 
Greer Springs Hike 

Mark Twain National Forest & Irish Wilderness Area

The Eleven Point River is a 138-mile-long (222 km)[1] river in southern Missouri and northern ArkansasUnited States. It originates near Willow Springs, Missouri. It more than doubles in flow when Greer Spring Branch runs into it, adding over 200 million US gallons (760,000 m3) of water per day to the river. The name derives from the Mississippi Valley French word pointe, which is a wooded point of land marking a river bend. Voyageurs marked distance by counting these points of land or river bends.[2] The river flows into the Spring River southwest of Pocahontas near the small town of Black Rock.

In 1968 a 44.4-mile (71.5 km) stretch was named the Eleven Point National Wild and Scenic River, one of the original eight rivers chosen to be part of the United States National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.   Information provided by Wikipedia.

Directions: From Winona, Missouri (Hwy 19 & Hwy 60), take Hwy 19 south for 17 miles, turn left on Forest Rt. 3188, follow road to boat ramp. (Entrance to the Greer Crossing Rec. Area, is just before crossing the Eleven Point river bridge).

Eleven Point 3 Day Float Plan:

Day 1
Location: Greer Crossing Recreation Area-Mark Twain National Forest
Place: Boat Ramp
Mile Marker: 16.6 

Unload your gear at the boat ramp/Greer Crossing Recreation Area. Then drive up to Richards canoe rental, park our vehicles on the Richard family property. Pick up last minute supplies, rent a canoe if needed and shuttle back down to the boat ramp. Hopefully be on the water by 10:30 AM. Allowing for a late start, we will float approximately (7.4) miles the first day. This will give us time to fish as we float and still give us enough time to set camp in the evening.

Note: Richards Canoe Rental will shuttle us from the Riverton Access back to our vehicles on Saturday, pre-determined time. 

The first night, you can set camp on a gravel bar, before/after Horseshoe Bend 
(Mile Marker: Approx. 24.0) 


Day 2: 
You will float approx. (7) miles.
The second night, we will set camp at the Greenbriar Float Camp. 
(Mile Marker: 31.0)


Eleven Point Greenbriar Float Camp


Day 3:
We float approx. (4.7) miles. and finish at the Riverton Access (Hwy 160 Bridge) and shuttle back to your vehicles.

Comments: Before and after float trip

Wednesday Night: 
Suggestion - You might want to come down the night before (Wednesday) and camp at Greer Recreation Area. This is a National Forest campground and is the same location you would be launching from on Thursday morning. This makes for a relaxing start on Thursday, you get the driving out of the way the night before.

Saturday Night:
Suggestion - Then you can be shuttled back to your vehicles at Richards Canoe Rental. Then drive to Alton, Missouri to the Alton Motel. This is a small motel in Alton, get a room, shower and clean up. Then walk down the street to the Burger Palace for dinner and ice cream. 

Sunday Morning:
Sunday after all rested up you can walk down to Grandma's Kitchen for a great country breakfast.  

Suggestion Sunday Hike - Before departing on Sunday, you can hike down to
Greer Springs. Greer Springs is the second largest spring in Missouri. This is an easy hike (Under 1 mile). If you have never hiked into this spring, it is so worth it!
(Bring Your Camera)

ORCC Off Road Camping Club

Greer Springs off the Eleven Point River

RECAP Float Comments:
  • Greer Crossing Rec. Area: Mile Marker 16.6 
  • Gravel Bar Camp: Mile Marker 24.0
  • Greenbriar Float Camp: Mile Marker 31.0
  • Riverton Access Point: Mile Marker 35.7
Note: This is a fishing float, not about how fast you can make float mileage
Note: Everyone is responsible for their own gear, food, drinks, etc. (Be prepared).


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Note:  ORCC Members have taken this 3-Day Canoe|Kayak trip many times and 
believe me your going to have a Good Time and catch some Nice Trout!

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