Camp Kitchen Prep Area

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Camp Kitchen Prep Area

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Remember in this Series, we will be recommending Camping Gear/Equipment
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In this series we have recommended Water Filters, Privacy Shelters, Camp Toilets
Hot Pressurized Shower Systems and Clean-Up and Now Camp Kitchen Prep Area Equipment! 

"Mom we're Hungry when are we going to eat"

We have Gear | Equipment that make this possible. - Recommended Kitchen Prep Area Equipment:

 Grub Hub Camp Kitchen

Grub Hub® - Kitchen. Camping outdoors has gotten even better thanks to Grub Hub®. Now when you're out on the trail 4 wheeling you can have all your kitchen needs in one place. The Grub Hub® is a great product to have from tent camping to off road in your favorite destination. Grub Hub® camp kitchens makes camping easy. The Grub Hub® provides over 9 square feet of table space along with a platform for the camp stove, multiple organizers and a tower to support a lantern and gravity fed water. Folds easily for transport.

The Kamp Rite Kwik Pantry with Cook Table facilitates campsite food prep and cooking. Easy to set up, the convenient Kwik Pantry with Cook Table provides space for cooking, as well as storage for food and utensils, all in one compact unit. The roll-out aluminum tabletop includes a detachable windshield for use with a camp stove. The pantry is divided into two zippered storage sections, each with 3 shelves, along with 2 outside storage pockets for easy access to cooking utensils. The entire unit sets up in seconds and folds down compactly to fit in the included carry bag.

Kamp Rite EZ Prep Table

The Kamp Rite EZ Prep Table makes organizing camp and food preparation easy. The convenient, counter-height design makes meal prep a breeze and the insulated storage cabinet below allows for a fully stocked kitchen within arm's reach. The roll-out aluminum tabletop provides space for cooking. The pantry has a zippered storage sections, with one shelf, along with outside storage pockets for easy access to cooking utensils. The entire unit sets up in seconds and folds down compactly to fit in the included carry bag.

Tembo Tusk Camp Table Kit

The Tembo Tusk Camp Table are great for any outdoor activity. The possibilities are numerous from a workstation, fine dining area, to a food prep area for an outdoor kitchen. This table is a go anywhere table. It is easy to put up, take down and stores in a small flat space. The Camp Tables employ a unique hook and hoop system which enable them to daisy chain more than one table together. Either length wise or width wise.

Partner Steel Stretcher Table 
"Dual Purpose Table"

Partner Steel Stretcher Table able is all aluminum construction and measures 23" wide 72" long and stands 32" high. The surface is rigid and has slots strategically placed for tie-down straps and hand-holds are provided in each of the 4 corners, if it should ever be needed as a stretcher.


CAMCO Propane Distribution Post

The Camco Propane Distribution Post can use up to three propane appliances simultaneously with just one tank! Lantern, Portable Campfire, Grill, Camp Stove/Griddle, Heater and more. This can be achieved by using the 15" Propane Distribution Post has Excess Flow, Soft-Nose P.O.L. Propane Tank Connection and three 1"-20 Male Throwaway Cylinder Appliance connections. Need it a little higher? Want to add a lantern? Just the additional 15" Propane Distribution Post Extension, 1"-20 Male/ Female Throwaway Cylinder Threads. All outlets feature auto-shutoff. The Camco Propane Distribution Post comes with a storage bag with carry handle, making transport easy.

Tembo Tusk Lantern | Paper Towel Hanger

TemboTusk Extreme Duty Lantern Hanger & Paper Towel Holder is the solution for your camp kitchen gear. The Hanger / Holder clamps to almost any table up to 2” thick. The Lantern Hanger, pole and Paper Towel Holder are powder coated with an adjustable table clamp and segments that can be added or subtracted to get the exact height needed. The Paper Towel Holder bracket fits between the segments of the Lantern Hanger to keep your paper towel roll where you need it. The hanger includes two stainless steel hooks for hanging tools or pans and comes with a rugged cotton storage bag. The Hanger / Holder breaks down easily, takes a minimum of space in your storage and weighs 4 lbs. The solution for strategically places for lighting, secure paper towels and cooking utensils is the TemboTusk Extreme Duty Lantern Hanger & Paper Towel Holder.

Partner Steel Wishy Washy Hand Washer

Partner Steel Wishy-Washy Hand Washer is your clean-up partner in camp. This specially designed hand washer is easy to use, easy to carry and safe for the environment. Just set your Washy-Washy Hand Washer near your kitchen or toilet set-up and enjoy the convenience of hand washing at your campsite. The Hand Washer is made of stainless steel and clamps onto the side of a bucket of regular river water. This product filters out the large sediment leaving you cool clean water to wash your hands. Step on the Wishy-Washy's pump to force water out the spigot to wet your hands, soap up, and step again to rinse your hands into a second bucket or directly into a sump.

"This is just a couple of units available to pick from"