Hot Pressurized Showers & Clean-Up

posted Nov 13, 2017, 10:14 AM by ORCC Off Road Camping Club   [ updated Nov 25, 2017, 2:14 PM ]

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Hot Pressurized Showers & Clean-Up

Jeep, Truck, SUV, 4x4, Van,  etc..

Remember in this Series, we will be recommending Camping Gear/Equipment
 to make your Adventure Safe and Comfortable for you and your family.

In this series we have recommended Water Filters, Privacy Shelters, Camp Toilets
and Now Hot Pressurized Shower Systems and Clean-Up Equipment.

Primitive Camping in the forest | conservation area, does not mean you are going to have to rough it. 
You can still have the comforts of home, like a good Hot Shower and a place to Clean-Up!

"At the end of the day you're going to appreciate a Hot Shower"

We have Gear | Equipment that make this possible. - Recommended Shower Equipment:

Zodi Extreme Self Contained Shower
"Our Best Seller"

The Zodi™ Extreme™ Self-Contained (SC) shower is a multi-functional portable hot shower great for outdoor adventures, camping, backcountry experiences and even disaster preparedness! The Zodi™ Extreme™ Shower is easy to use! Simply add 3 gallons of water to the tank, assemble tri-pod stove, place Extreme™ Tank on Stove and heat. 

The Zodi™ Extreme™ Shower is built from stainless steel and features a metal hand-pump that lasts for years. The Extreme™ shower has a convenient on/off control valve and a 6 ft shower hose with a water-saving showerhead. The Zodi™ Extreme™ SC Shower model includes a 10,000 BTU multi-purpose stove for heating the shower and is great for cooking. The Zodi™ Extreme™ Shower includes an on-tank shower pole holder and storage bag for extra convenience. The Zodi™ Extreme™ SC Shower is the best self-contained hot shower. (Propane tank and shower pole not included.)

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Zodi Hot Tap X40
"Our Best Seller Group Camping | Outfitters"

The Zodi™ Hot Tap X-40™ is an ultra high-output instant water heater and shower designed for professional outfitters, base camps, cabins and horse trailers. The X-40™ delivers up to 50 hours of continuous hot water per propane refill. The 16-ft long hose allows use all over camp. Connect to any garden hose using the universal hose connector or draw from any water source using the powerful 12 Volt pump. Sturdy support legs, rugged steel handle and a padded storage bag make for easy transport and storage. The toughest portable water heater available anywhere. So tough, it's even in use in the Antarctic and on Everest! Included pump requires 12 Volt power source. (Propane tank not included) Made in U.S.A.

"This is just a couple of units available to pick from"

Partner Steel Wishy Washy Hand Washers
"Great Product to have close by Kitchen, Bathroom & Shower Area"

Partner Steel Wishy-Washy Hand Washer is your clean-up partner in camp. This specially designed hand washer is easy to use, easy to carry and safe for the environment. Just set your Washy-Washy Hand Washer near your kitchen or toilet set-up and enjoy the convenience of hand washing at your campsite. The Hand Washer is made of stainless steel and clamps onto the side of a bucket of regular river water. This product filters out the large sediment leaving you cool clean water to wash your hands. Step on the Wishy-Washy's pump to force water out the spigot to wet your hands, soap up, and step again to rinse your hands into a second bucket or directly into a sump.

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