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Premium Adventure Skottle Grill Kit by Tembo Tusk

posted Oct 16, 2017, 2:10 PM by ORCC Off Road Camping Club   [ updated Dec 28, 2017, 12:53 PM ]

Premium Adventure
Skottle Grill Kit

The Tembo Tusk Premium Adventure Skottle Grill Kit has everything you need, Adventure Skottle Grill, MSR DragonFly burner and a sturdy carry bags. Grab your Adventure Skottle Kit, a few favorite outdoor cooking recipes, your food and head out on your next adventure. The Adventure Skottle is a smaller version of the Skottle, so now you can take the Adventure Skottle on canoe or fishing trips, a day at the park and anywhere when storage is tight. Can you imagine grilling today’s catch of the day on a river bank or making fiestas after a day of hiking in the park. The Premium Adventure Skottle is the next outdoor cooking utensil you will need, leave the portable pit at home. The Adventure Skottle is designed to use the multi-fuel stove MSR DragonFly which can be used with white gas, automotive/aviation gas, kerosene, diesel, Stoddard solvent and naphtha. (Fuel not included.) The DragonFly burner attaches to the Skottle Grill through a burner ring attached to the bottom of the grill pan. The Skottle features a harrow disc, which is 12” diameter and 2” deep center as its cooking surface. This type of cooking provides a hot center and gradually cools up the sides of the disc. The Skottle stands 12” tall with the aluminum legs installed. The Skottle comes pre-seasoned and can be used immediately. So, go find your favorite outdoor cooking recipe and give it a go on your next adventure

Kit contains: 

1. TemboTusk Adventure Skottle Grill 

2. MSR DragonFly burner with pump

3. Free empty 20 oz .fuel bottle

4. BlueRidge Overland Gear Carry Bag