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ORCC Event St. Charles, MO

ORCC GEAR - Scheduled Event 2018

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All members or persons who attend ORCC events (camping, canoe/kayaking, hike/backpacking, bicycling, outdoor day, charity, promotional and misc. events) are responsible for their own safety and behavior. ORCC-Off Road Camping Club, ORCC GEAR, Administrators, Moderators, Coordinators, Authors, Instructors, Store, Vendors and Affiliates are not responsible for: loss of life, any injury, loss of property, damage caused to or caused by the attendees, offensive language or behavior.

It is your decision to attend any event, you are responsible for your own gear, reservations and fees, you are attending or participating at your own risk. Members or persons attending and or participating are expected to follow all rules of the excursion or event location. By attending an ORCC event and or using our website/forum you are agreeing to the terms and conditions in this disclaimer.

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