Officium Divinum - Ancient Catholic Liturgy and Promotion

Introibo ad altare Dei..... I will go unto the altar of God who gives joy to my youth....


Roman Rite
-York Use
-Hereford Use
-Lincoln Use
-Bangor Use
-Aberdeen Use
-Westminister Use
-Cologne Use (Koln, Ger.)

Ambrosian Rite (N. Italy)
Aquileian Rite
Bracarensis Rite (Braga)
Durham Rite (England)
Gallican Rite (France)
Mozarabic Rite (Spain)
Sarum Rite (England)
Celtic Rite (Ireland)

Religous Orders:
Benedictine Rite
Carmelite Rite
Carthusian Rite
Cistercian Rite
Franciscan Rite
Capuchin Rite
Premonstratensian Rite
Servite Rite

Alexanderian Liturgies
-Coptic Rite
(D.L. of St. Mark)
-Ethiopic Rite

Antiochian Liturgies
-Maronite Rite
-Syrian Rite
-Syro-Malankara Rite

Armenian Rite

Chaldean (East Syrian)
-Chaldean Rite
-Syro-Malabar Rite

Byzantine Rites
-Albanian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Hungarian, Italo-Albanian, Macedonian, Melkite, Romanian, Russian, Ruthenian, Slovak, Ukrainian Rite
Divine Liturgies used in Byzantine Rites
-D.L. of St. Chrysostom
-D.L. of St. James
-D.L. of St. Basil

Current Projects:

Translation of the "Use of York" Missal - almost completed. Preview Here

Lorrha-Stowe Missal of the Celtic Rite. Preview Here

Litany and Novena to St. Philomena

The Mass of All Times
Ora pro nobis, S. Piux X