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Exploring Mayo is available an an eBook

posted Dec 8, 2018, 11:47 AM by Bernard O'Hara   [ updated Jan 22, 2019, 3:53 PM ]
Exploring Mayo by Bernard O’Hara is now available Worldwide as an eBook for the amazon Kindle application, which can read on just about any smartphone, tablet or computing device & also as an Apple iBook.
Exploring Mayo by Bernard O’Hara provides a wonderful appreciation of the rich and varied heritage of County Mayo in the West of Ireland. The county has astonishing scenery, an unspoilt natural environment, where people have lived in harmony with their surroundings for over 6,000 years. The natural beauty of the green countryside, with its varied landscape, mountains, lakes and rivers, is a dream for lovers of nature. Each vista has its own delight and surprise. It is a paradise for outdoor pursuits on land and sea, as well as those that want to explore its landscape, archaeology, history, architecture, public art, wildlife, flora, and various other aspects of its heritage. This book, with over 150 beautiful illustrations and an excellent Ordnance Survey map, provides a great guide to that rich heritage. After an introduction to its topography, parishes and baronies, there are chapters dealing with its archaeological and historical heritage, as well as eight tours of the county, with an outline history of each town, museum, heritage centre, and placing various attractions in their historical context. In addition many famous daughters and sons like Mary Robinson, Grace O’Malley, Agnes Morrogh-Bernard (who founded Foxford Woollen Mills), Michael Davitt, Martin Sheridan, Enda Kenny and many more, are profiled.
Exploring Mayo has been described as “the go to book for information on County Mayo”. It has been described by Maureen Murphy, secretary of Killasser/Callow Heritage Society, as “wonderful”, “terrific” and “stunning”. James Laffey, editor of the Western People, has described it as: “an encyclopaedia of all things Mayo”. Peadar O’Dowd in the Galway City Tribune wrote: “modern maps, not to mention sat-navs, all pale into insignificance if you travel to Mayo with Bernard’s book beside you”. Paul Clements stated in the Irish Times: “Renowned for its mountainous scenery, lakes and rivers, Mayo is also rich in heritage sites, public art and architecture. These diverse strands of its outdoor life are brought together in a lavishly illustrated book, Exploring Mayo by Bernard O’Hara. This essential guide should be kept handy in the car glove compartment”.
Professor Des MacHale, of University College Cork, stated: “Exploring Mayo is magnificent, a veritable tour de force, a fantastic achievement; it really deserves to be a bestseller”. John Joe Conwell wrote in the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society Journal: “Exploring Mayo is a superbly presented piece of work, clearly written, well designed and printed. It will serve as a useful and knowledgeable guide for locals and visitors alike while also attracting the attention of the county’s large world-wide diaspora who still retain a strong ‘sense of place’ and an enduring attachment to their native sod. Exploring Mayo is a must-read. In an era when so many journeys are guided by technology the book is a tremendous companion for those fortunate enough to travel through the splendidly diverse and interesting County of Mayo”.
The print version of Bernard O’Hara’s book Exploring Mayo can be obtained by contacting also sell the print versions of Killasser - Heritage of a Mayo Parish , Anseo and Davitt.
Bernard O'Hara's book entitled Killasser: Heritage of a Mayo Parish is now on sale in the USA and UK as a paperback book at, or Barnes and Noble
It is also available as an eBook from the Apple iBookstore (for reading on iPad and iPhone), from and (Kindle & Kindle Fire) and from (Nook tablet and eReader).
An earlier publication, a concise biography of Michael Davitt, entitled Davitt by Bernard O’Hara published in 2006 by Mayo County Council , is now available as Davitt: Irish Patriot and Father of the Land League by Bernard O’Hara, which was published in the USA by Tudor Gate Press ( and is available from and It can be obtained as an eBook from the Apple iBookstore (for reading on iPad and iPhone), from and (Kindle & Kindle Fire) and from (Nook tablet and eReader).