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ALL ARE WELCOME! (we are a sanctuary for those who feel different)Merry Meet this is our new Coven Site.We're all Coven info will now Be written up for all Wiccans to see and join us. in Utah at the coven sted or as a cyberspace convener or by taking the right classes and learning all you can to be come to a High Priest/ess to start to you own branch coven under us.We want to unite Wiccans eclectically all magicks and types of peoples witches, Wiccans, pagans, druids, shamans, heathens, , wizards, vampires, werewolves, dragons, fairies, psychics, goths and all magickal being in the magickal community. more to come in the coming days Blessed Be...High Priestess Char (Master Of Wicca), Utah We are a group, an organization, a house, court, A clan, A coven, a family and a Haven for all those in the Magickal Community. For meeting, dates go to

Our Mission: is to create a place where all who wish to worship and learn more of the God and the Goddess may feel welcome to express their ideas, safe to practice their own way, supported in a family of fellow members to grow spiritually, and challenged to expand their knowledge every day. We promote tolerance, respect, and communication. We foster discovery, uniqueness and empower each member to envision their personal impact on the universe.
Our Motto:"All Are Welcome!"
My Saying: "live every day as it was your last !"'Crape Diem/Crape Nocturne" "cease the day/cease the night.!"
My mantras are:"Get over it!" "Be the Wizard!"

We are an eclectic group studying all forms of alternative spirituality and enjoy the blessing of members that share their wisdom and diversity.We encourage families and children to take part in the circle but respect the beliefs of parents and guardians who may not be ready to support their children in their decision to embrace an alternative religion and therefore we ask that members under 18 get permission before attending circle or wait until their 18th birthday to attend. We are happy to answer questions of young seekers at any time. We meet for child-friendly gatherings for ages 8 and under. We host many activities including Sabbat and Esbat celebrations, Witchy Crafts, Pagan Lunch, want to bring together the notoriously shy pagans of Utah, Juab, Carbon, Sanpete, Emery, and Wasatch Counties,( we also welcome others in Utah state, the western states, in the United States, and globally to join us at the coven sted, online as an e-group or as a branch coven were you are under us.) Utah for communal ritual, mutual learning, and social enjoyment (those in the southeastern hinterlands of Idaho are likewise welcome). a meeting place for pagans of all paths who are tired of hiding, solitary, in the closet.The purpose of this group is for local Wiccans and pagans to be able to gather and share information and learning with each other. To allow new people to the path to find a welcoming environment and allow for older people to help guide those who may need it.
Parental Permission form for any one under 18(must be signed and parent must attend first meeting with child)
Your child's name: ________________________________________________

Your signature: ___________________________________________________ Date _____________

Your printed name: ________________________________________________ Date _____________

Signature of person obtaining consent: ________________________________ Date _____________

Printed name of person obtaining consent: _____________________________ Date _____________


*Note: UTAH state law classifies anyone under 18 years old as a child/dependent.

It is an informal circle dedicated to teaching, learning and sharing with one another
Age Range/Type: Family 
Located in: Springville, Utah 
Key Contact: High Priestess

Spiritual Path: Eclectic
Status: Established Group
Community Support: Open Circles... Legal Clergy... Teaching Available

Group Overview: Star coven of Wicca
Revered High Priestess Char

(801) 687-6616
my name is Reverend High Priestess Char and I Run Star coven of Wicca.Currently, we are holding the meetings in my home that doubles as a coven sted. in Springville.801 687-6616 We now have 22(8  conveners who sometimes attend)(14 on line at members and are welcome to more.also wanting to network with other covens in our area.meeting on sabbats and full/new moons call or email for more info. Blessed Be...
Star Covenof wicca/WPA/Norton-McGowan Clan