They tell us that we are on a rock, once believed to be the centre of the universe, formed four and a half billion years ago spinning in space. We are all earth bound passengers in a universe that spans one hundred and fifty billion light years. We are all traveler's and alongside every living thing on earth can trace our ancestry to a bacterium that lived billions of years ago. We have evolved and are evolving in a messy unpredictable way. We are curious beings.
We huddle together and form cultures, sub-cultures and cliques. We collect things to connect positively and emotionally with certain times, places and people. We collect to inspire us and enhance a pleasurable association, to generate an atmosphere, to create a legacy, a personal extension of who we are. Souvenirs, which help create and extend our sense of identity, a sense of being in our mixed up shook up speeding world . In short we surround ourselves with “stuff” to help us make sense of it all.'