Artist Statement

They say that in ancient times, in a time before time existed, things were better.

They say a lot they do.

But forgetting the spin of politics, avoiding the din of advertising, beyond the marketing myth, in reality ours is a time of pragmatic fumbling.   Writhing and wriggling, ducking and diving.

 Some call this chaos but in this place, in the spaces between the things taken as facts, despite the half baked notions sold as full course menus , wisdom can still be found. Between the undrawn lines , amongst the twists and turns, and the swirl of everyday compromise lies a very real and often hidden beauty.

 Sometimes its  a subtle understatement, an understanding, a mixture of everything and nothing, a confusing joy, a curiosity, a wonder awaiting discovery.   A silent smile that says, "ah".

There was a time , not so long ago really when the sciences and the arts wern’t separate.     Things have moved on and “professionalism” is now seen as a good thing, and what is generally meant by professionalism is specialisation .  You cant be seen as a jack or Jill of more than one trade because that surely leads to amateurism and lack of standards.

For the last 30 or so years I have been a professional fully qualified , full time,  artist,  and I offer these observations.    When you first start learning to make art you learn to draw.   Drawing is about discovery.   People see drawing as about mark making, but this is only a small part . Primarily  drawing  is about seeing . Of course Its about discovering what materials do  as you smudge charcoal over a sheet of pristine white paper .  More than this though, Its about observation, about looking at things, maybe from different angles and really seeing whats in front of you.  Its about considering things .   A drawing is a record of that experience.     After a while the looking from various viewpoints, seeing things clearly,  the striving to see more becomes your job.    It became mine.