About Us


Cadie Maria is a singer, songwriter, journalist, blogger, model, author,  

                           entrepreneur and more recently an activist.




This site ties all of her connections to one simple, easy to use internet location. There are several focuses of the site.

1- As previously stated this is a site where people can view all content related to Cadie Maria (and have some fun playing a few games as well).

2- For every post on the site, Cadie Maria will feature music from an amazing artist. To see details read Section 3 and view "A little Something For Everyone".

3- Cadie Maria works for two websites, those being Thatshitishotsunlive and Online-Music-Reviews. Both sites feature reviews/ interviews with celebrities such as Wacka Flocka, Sade, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Peter Rosenberg and more. These sites require her to go out and find talent, usually in the NYC vicinity, and write about the artsy people she comes across. However, Cadie has a versatile eye that sees a massive amount of talent in other areas. She wants to give those people a chance to be featured on these websites. Not only will the featured artist be on one of these websites but will also have a chance to have their music featured in Cadie Maria's next post on this site. For an example please view the first post, "Welcome" located in the sidebar with music featured by Peter Lee Johnson. Here's the best part! You DO NOT have to be an artist (singer or rapper) to qualify. If you are musically inclined in any sort of fashion chances are you can be featured on these sites. Producers, DJ's, mixers, vocal coaches, etc. are welcome to join. The selected candidate's involvement is never removed from the site unless the candidate requests removal of the content. For more details and instructions see "A little Something For Everyone".

4- Cadie Maria would like to introduce you to TRUTH ZONE. This is a blog created for people who need a support system. We have realized how many terrible things happen to good people everyday. To start making a difference, TRUTH ZONE was invented. Any comment is accepted and all opinions matter. Some of the topics on the site thus far are the controversies of religious hypocrites, scam sites, and on the positive side, confidence building tips. If you have something to say or a topic to suggest go back to the "Welcome To the World Of Cadie Maria" page and click on Blog World.

5- Cadie has mentioned Home Project before but in little detail. Home Project was originally an idea that the community could aid homeless people by getting them off the streets and into the working world. The thought was more along the lines of a nonprofit organization. However, other issues that are often dismissed or down played caught Cadie's attention and broadened her focus. Now the Home Project is a developing plot that includes programs for the abused, neglected, those who suffer from Anxiety Attacks and weight problems, those with Tourettes and Autism, etc. Home Project is a working process that is, as of yet, not put into play. However, TRUTH ZONE is the beginning of building a family of support. "Maybe later on once everyone has that trust beyond a reasonable doubt that they formed through TRUTH ZONE, we can all start Home Project together and help as many people who want to helped as possible...I know I'm not the only one who wants to see change so I'm hopeful that Home Project will be the start of something huge."

6- This is the perfect site to gain connections and make friends! What are you waiting for?