Want all of the Halo 3 skulls to impress your friends or others on Xbox live? then find them by going hereand watching the video. Also be sure to check out DigitalP33r's new comedy video: Playin With the Chief



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In partnership with the Xtreme Halo Server, where we host halo 1, 2, and very soon to be, halo 3. They play all types of gametypes and maps and even listen to your requests. Visit their site at   http://xtremehaloserver.googlepages.com for the server rules, admins and moderators, a few game strategies, and some extras. You can even contact them to.

 A few Awesome Halo 3 Videos: the first being: Dream state  trailer, second: Deserted, and third: The Codex. All exellent videos. All 3 videos made using HALO 3 except The Codex and all exept Dream state already have episodes released. Visit the videos page for more videos including Red vs Blue This Spartan life, etc.

Dream State:


The Codex

 There are TONS of episodes of The Codex out right now, and you can find all the episodes right here. This is currently a halo 2 series, but is still a great story. The sequel series to this is: The Heretic. There was going to be another sequal series after that, but do to Microsofts new "guide lines" they decided to stop. I although think, that since microsoft split up with bungie, those rules shouldn't apply, not to mention that bungie loves machinima, and microsoft doesn't. Go complain to them Here. wait, nevermind all that happened to me was them laughing in my face and sending me here, now do you think that's a valid thing to do to your costumers microsoft??? NO, it's not; i think I have just explained one of many of the reasons that Bungie (god) split up with microsoft (devil). NOW GO BUY A MAC AND LAUGH AT MICROSOFT WHEN THEY GO BANKRUPT AND CANT PUSH US AROUND ANYMORE!!!!!!We will soon finish adding the videos for all the Halo 3 and 2 machinima series, have a great day. (that does not apply to anyone working at microsoft, but does for Bungie)


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