PLASTIC MILLENNIUM and PAPER KEYS TO BURNING KINGDOMS are two linked novels. Nevertheless, they stand alone as independent projects; moreover, PLASTIC MILLENNIUM is a mega-novel that contains TRUTH MARATHON. These novels are designed as "modules" that split apart or come together, like Lego pieces.

PLASTIC MILLENNIUM is an immense work whose genesis spans twenty-five years, and that has taken fifteen years of flat-out labour in order to finalize it. On the one hand, it is a text-only social novel set between the years 1999 and 2009 -- the most politically and economically dramatic decade of modern history since World War Two. As a social novel, it has a broad cast of characters who are depicted in a full, three-dimensional way, from Jorgen ("Jerry") Gunnarsen, a hard-on-his-luck computer peripherals salesman trying to hang on to his job on the verge of "the big one", Y2K, to James Vinic, a CSIS operative with mixed national loyalties, to Benjy Black, a crack shot from the Regent Part housing project who is trying to make sense of the mean turf of Afghanistan.


PLASTIC MILLENNIUM also exists as a hybrid graphic novel. It contains hundreds of original illustrations ("storyboard roughs") that can either be inserted into the narrative or taken out, as one wishes. It contains dozens upon dozens of original photographs. It integrates with videos and an audio book. It comes apart in modules, or exists as a holistic narrative. These independent modules integrate neatly, and are suitable for print or the Internet. It is a first.

And as stated above, while a love story and family drama, PLASTIC MILLENNIUM is above all a social novel -- it captures the age we live in now, with its workplace stresses, its commercialized pressures, its intense but unstable romances, its surveillance technologies and its grand pivots of history. It is a story told on a personal level. But it is a thematically ambitious work. 

PAPER KEYS TO BURNING KINGDOMS, On the one hand, it is a story set in Seoul in Toronto that focuses more closely on the experience of one protagonist, Bak Dae-woo, a young man trying to cope with the hyper-competitive work culture of South Korea (he trained as a journalist; he now works as a security guard ... that is, when he can hold onto his job). PAPER KEYS TO BURNING KINGDOMS is in equal measure a mystery, and love story, a family drama, and an examination of geopolitics and the way they filter down to individual lives.

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