E.C. Houston House

The E.C. Houston House is listed on the National and State Registry of Historic places. This 1904 14-room home incorporates Neo-Classical Revival
details in its porches, door and window openings, leaded-glass windows and cornices.
Adding to the beautiful woodwork and grand stature are artifacts
 that have been gathered from the Burt County area. Among them
you will find an early 1700's painting of the Last Supper and 
a display of Blockhouse items in the parlor.
After ascending the open oak staircase, you enter the sitting room
 where you will find a 1714 trunk. Across the hall from the bedrooms
is a toy room that will excite youngsters 2 to 92.
The third-floor ballroom allows visitors a firsthand
view of the social atmosphere of the early 1900's time period.
Enjoy gazing upon old children's toys and admiring the
beautify intricate clothing items and women and men's accessories.
The lower level displays many of the professional tools
and farming equipment used in the area long ago,
as well a kitchen "before electricity."

"Living is like tearing thorough a museum. Not until later do you start absorbing what you saw, thinking about it, looking it up in a book,and remembering - - because you can't take it in all at once." - Audrey Hepburn