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Historic E.W. Bryant House

Home to generations of the Bryant Family for 120 years!
The Bryant House offers a rare and unique glimpse back through time. Colonel Benjamin R. Folsom founded Tekamah, Nebraska in the year 1854. The members of this family over the past century have made numerous memories in this very house.
The last living decedents of the home, Jack and Suzanne Bryant, donated their family's artifacts and belongings to the Burt County Museum.The memories and stories of their family and the prized history of the town will be preserved for the enjoyment of future generations to come.
This home "keeps the past alive in the present" and will not disappoint its visitors as they will marvel at the amazing artifacts of the Bryant family.

Cell (402) 870-1220 

The Bryant House preserves the history of the city of Tekamah through the generations of one family's belongings.